Corporate Films

Working with a number of production companies, Pocket Pictures Ltd, has been involved in producing over 600 corporate and training films. These films have been created for the UK, Europe, USA and most recently the emerging Chinese market.

High quality - high budgets?

The films are all created after speaking with the client and finding out exactly what they want to achieve and what budget level they want to work at. That's why our clients have varied from accountants to international pharmaceutical companies. Likewise, budgets have ranged from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds. BUT all of these films have one thing in common, they are all striving to make the client look and sound the best that they can, because if you look good then so do we. Good quality is not contingent on big budgets. One example of this would be a unique live-streamed show (produced in-house) called Biz To Biz TV. A twice-monthly magazine show, Biz To Biz TV ran for 30 episodes (between 2013 and 2015). The show covered political interviews, business news and lifestyle features. Even though the show had the look of a high budget TV show it was made for just a few thousand pounds per episode.

Know your market

Sometimes companies ask us to create media for them which we know from experience, won't do what they want it to do. This is where our experience can help reduce wasted budgets by creating effective media in the right format. This can be standalone videos, a video or TV series, webinars, TV adverts or streamed video series.