Corporate Films

Companies need to be seen?

This isn’t us asking you, this is your clients telling you. They need to see what you offer.

Video, accounts for over 85% of all internet traffic. It informs, it educates and it helps promote the unique selling points (USP’s) of what you have to offer.

Pocket Pictures Ltd, has been involved in producing over 700 corporate and training films.  We produce training materials for our own services and other companies. These films have been produced for the UK, Europe, Africa, USA and China. Some material is in English, others Spanish or Mandarin.

So our media and the companies that our media promotes, has been seen by literally millions of people all over the planet. Our high quality of service and attention to detail, means when we tell the story of your products…people listen. Can you afford to be without that edge?

High Quality = High Budget?

Our corporate films are all created to the highest visual and audio standards – even if they are intended to be put online.

BUT this premium level of excellence doesn’t come at a premium cost. In fact, you won’t spend that much more working with us, than working with less reliable companies. Why? A lot of money can be wasted or mis-spent on the wrong equipment choices or poor scheduling and organisation. As Pocket Pictures has tremendous experience, earned globally, we know what equipment to use, how to use it and how to get the most out of even a meagre marketing or sales budget.

That’s why our clients have varied from accountants to international pharmaceutical businesses: TV companies to individual actors.

Likewise, budgets have ranged from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds. BUT all of these films have one thing in common, they make the client look and sound the best that they can, because if they look good then so do we.

So, High Quality is not contingent on High Budgets – just High Standards.

Corporate Media Training

Sometimes companies will ask us to create media for them, knowing, they themselves, need to be involved on screen. This for many people is an issue. For whatever reason they do not feel comfortable ‘on-camera’.

We never let anyone appear ‘on-camera’ who is not ready or not looking their best. Our experience means interviewees are in safe hands, whatever the context of their involvement.

For companies who need to work more frequently on camera we offer Corporate Media Training. Contact us now to find out more.