Corporate Media Training (Group)


Learn the most effective ways to look and sound at your best ‘on camera’ or on social media. Experience with clients like BBC, Aston Villa, Toyota and Coca Cola means you are in safe professional hands and always looking your best. Group size – 5 people.


Media Training – Why?

Today’s business climate means you’re spending more and more time in front of a camera. Whether it’s for a company Skype meeting, a sales webinar or just a corporate product demonstration filmed by a client.

The key to beating your competition is to look strong, poised and sound eloquent.

Pocket Pictures has been media training for 15 years, working with CEO’s, Sales Managers and Engineers. We ensure that the people we work with, will learn the skills they need to promote themselves and their company in the very best light.

This means when you engage with the media or social media in any way, the result will be a positive one.

Session Content

Media training sessions last for three hours and accommodate up to 5 people per session.

In the sessions you’ll be learning:

How to write scripts and presentations

How to stand comfortably

How to look and sound natural on camera

What to say and what NOT to say

You’ll also be getting tips on clothing and best practices for working with a camera crew, reporters, news teams or radio presenters.

We will record a Video CV with each attendee. Follow up material will be also be available online along with a personalised attendance certificate.


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