Acting On Camera Training – 1 to 1 Sessions


Individual acting sessions working with a professional director, will enhance your on-screen acting skills. Available in 1, 2, or 3 hour slots to suit your time and budget.







Acting on Screen and Character Mining

Sometimes you need to take a good look at how your emotions communicate on camera. Just because you as an actor ‘feel it’ doesn’t always mean the camera, or the audience, can see it.

These sessions work in three main areas:

1). Translating emotions – Working alongside a director who has extensive experience, on both sides of the camera, will help you to translate your emotions effectively.

2). Building characters – Character mining takes time, and an immense attention to detail.  These sessions will help you to dig for traits, big and small, that will breathe extra life into your characters.

3). Camera technique – Learn about how the filming process works so you can hone your technique so the viewers eye will be drawn to your performance.

We’ll ensure you learn what you need to know, as well as discussing the hidden sides of being on a film or TV set, set etiquette, filming slang and the filming hierarchy. All this will help you appear on set as a consummate acting professional.

Depending on your needs we will use a variety of cameras. All the footage we shoot will be available for you to study later, so you can keep on learning and improving.


The Telsen Studio is a comfortable and relaxing space based in Birmingham. The space has been used by fledgling actors and professional alike, for self tapes and filming sessions.. Importantly, the studio has everything you need to experience being ‘on set’. This one to one practice will get you over any nerves you have about being on-camera, and help you to master the subtle art of acting on screen.

I want to get going what now?

All you need to do is purchase a session 1, 2 or 3 hours long from above. Once that’s done, email or call us (07447 592605) to book your studio date. Filming takes place at our studio in Aston, Birmingham.

Hourly costs include all equipment hire and studio costs. Additional re-editing and production are charged at £45/hour with a minimum charge of half an hour. Sessions which take place away from the studio may incur additional travel and equipment costs.

Email the director Mark Alexander Todd


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1 Hour, 2 hours, 3 Hours


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