Showreel In A Day – Gold


A professionally produced showreel in just 1 day! Three monologues of your choice filmed in our studio, plus a dynamic walk ‘n’ talk piece for that extra professional feel. The Gold Plus service also gives you 5 edited headshots for you portfolio.



Showreel In a Day – Gold and Gold Plus

This is a high-quality showreel service, which will give your showreel the benefit of green-screen and walk ‘n’ talk monologues. This quick and easy service gives you: 1 x full-length showreel (consisting of three monologues) with titles and 3 x individual monologues with titles. With the Gold Plus service you’ll also get 5 x edited headshots for your Spotlight, Mandy or StarNow pages.

It is ideal if you:

  1. Have no showreel to show your acting skills – perhaps lots of theatre experience but nothing on film.
  2. Need an ultra professional looking showreel quickly.
  3. Want to show additional acting versatility, (using green screen and moving/walking monologues).
  4. Want to update an old showreel or combine new monologues with existing showreel material.
  5. Need additional headshots to update your portfolio (Gold Plus)

Why do I need a showreel?

Actors need showreels to show off their talents to prospective employers, casting directors and producers. For on-screen roles a showreel allows you to demonstrate your on-screen acting skills. They are less about the type of roles you’ve done and more about your ability to create characters on-screen. Trends change, but a poorly shot, out-dated or inapt showreel will always hinder your chances of a role because the viewer is looking at the video production, not the content.

Showreel In a Day is a simple service, this is how it works.

  • Before the shoot, we discuss the pieces you want to create, so we get a good selection to show off your talents.
  • You come along to our studio with your three audition pieces. [You can always add more later by attending our monthly Showreel Sessions]
  • We rehearse and record those pieces, and you’ll be given professional ‘notes’ from the director along the way.
  • If you’ve chosen the Gold Plus service, you will then work spend an hour working with our photographer to get you three distinct headshots for your Spotlight, Mandy or StarNow page.
  • In the afternoon we’ll edit and produce your showreel, then deliver the download links to you.
  • With Gold Plus, your edited headshots will be delivered to you with 48 hours.

What do I get?

We will shoot three monologues for you in our studio or nearby. These will be supplied

  • 1 x complete showreel (featuring your three monologues) approx. 3 mins – with titles and contact details/headshot front and back.
  • 3 x your (individual) monologues with titles and contact details/headshot front and back.
  • If you have chosen Gold Plus you’ll also get 5 x headshots in a variety of poses and wardrobe (taken from approx 200 images).

When we deliver the digital version of your showreel, we also deliver the individual monologues complete with titles. This means you can also send individual, relevant monologues to a director or casting director, with a simple link. We keep all our showreel footage on file, so they are easy and cheap to update at any time.

I want to get going what now?

All you need to do is purchase your service above. Once that’s done, email or call us (07447 592605) to book your studio date This can be during the day or up till 9 pm at night on select days. Filming takes place at our studio in Aston, Birmingham and will take approximately 2-3 hours.

Showreel costs include all equipment hire, studio costs, production costs (editing, titles etc) and storage for 1 year. Filming away from the studio may incur additional travel and equipment costs. Additional re-editing and production are charged at £40/hour with a minimum charge of half an hour.

Contact us with any questions and we’ll find the right service for you.

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