Showreel Filming – Monologue


A simple and relaxed way to record solo monologues, and build your professional acting ‘reel’. Using our 4K camera and cinema style lenses we’ll create acting pieces that make sure directors and casting agents see you at your best.



Solo Monologues – Get you seen

There’s no doubt about it, a showreel is vitally important if you’re going to secure on-camera auditions or film and TV work.

Without one casting agents and directors don’t know what you have to offer their production. The difficulty is how do you start? It’s the usual catch 22. Pocket Pictures offers you the chance to record individual (solo) monologues quickly and easily, so you can build up your showreel in a way that will suit your pace and budget.


The Right Direction

What makes our showreel packages different is that we use 4K cameras a standard and you receive genuine instruction from a working director. This helps you to get the best from your time in front of camera. In the relaxed environment of the Telsen Studio you’ll be able to try out new on-camera techniques and develop your on-camera skills.

Like all our showreel material these (solo) monologues are also ‘produced’ meaning they will have a sound mix, music and be colour-graded to make you look ultimately professional. We can even film the performance against green screen* if you need a specific background added later.

What can I expect?

You’ll be working with a professional director, who will help and advise on each piece. Typically, each monologue will take an hour (approx) to film, allowing you as many ‘takes’ as you need to nail the performance. This is the same if you are working in the studio or on the studio green screen. We shoot all our scenes on high quality 4K cameras, high quality lenses and digital sound, so your scene will look and sound like it was created for TV.

After the filming we will edit the performance, with picture enhancements, adding music and effects  if needed. Within 24 hours you’ll have the fully edited monologue, complete with titles showing your contact details, agent, spotlight number etc.

The monologue cost includes: 1 x director/camera person, and all equipment costs (4K camera, lenses, LED lighting, digital sound recording kit) and full HD editing/sound mixing. Delivery of full HD (1920 x 1080) version of the scene via WeTransfer.

Monologues are useful:

  • For a particular role that you’re auditioning for
  • To begin showing off your skills on screen
  • To try out new characters/styles to pin-point your branding
  • Get some honest feedback about technique and characterisation from a professional director

If you need a to shoot a ‘two-hander’ (a scene with two people) then check out our Two Hander service here.


* Some items like green screen compositing will have an additional cost due to extra editing time. Likewise, travel costs will apply if we film more than 10 miles away from the Telsen Studio. We will always tell you these costs in advance, there’s no misunderstanding.


Additional information

Solo Monologue

One Monologue, Two Monologues


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